Mobility turns Stationary

28 02 2010

Apple has updated their Web site to include everything you would want to know about the iPad, the specs, the design, the Apps, and especially the accessories.

When you go out to Verizon or AT&T to get a new phone you don’t just get a phone, you get accessories such as car chargers, cases and covers, screen protectors, micro SD cards, and etc.

Although limited, the iPad has a few accessories as well, such as the 10W USB Power Adapter, the Camera Connection Kit, and the iPad Case.

All of these accessories are intended for the mobile user, however the iPad Dock, and the Keyboard Dock are targeted to those more stationary users.

David Klein, a writer for The Apple Blog, described the iPad as a Peripheral Display. Mimicking that of a laptop, these accessories allow you to sit at your desk, table or couch without holding it like an iPhone or iTouch.

Klein says that with the iPad Apps and the stationary function of the Keyboard Dock you can retrieve “glanceable information” without being distracted from your main task at hand. (i.e. watching television, doing work on your companies computer, cooking dinner, etc.)

What other accessories would you (if you are an iPad fan) like to see in the future?

My list is this

  • Web camera
  • Speaker dock
  • Skin color preference
  • Car charger for users on the go

What’s yours?

Now, let’s look at the keyboard a bit closer.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock with blank key. MacRumors.

Do you see anything out of the ordinary?


According to The Mobile News Team at, the keyboard actually has a Mystery blank key, which they highlighted in the picture below.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock. Apple website.

The blank key is right above the 6 key, where the F6 key would be on a PC.

The function of this key is a mystery, and will only be known to consumers once the product is released in The Apple Store.


There have been rumors that the iPad will be released as early as tomorrow, March 1st! If you want to be the first to own this new technology Apple has a “Notify Me” button on their Web site that allows you to sign up for a notification via email for when the iPad will be available to purchase.



2 responses

28 02 2010
Janey Junker

I found this post very intriguing…I thought the point of the iPad was to be purely mobile, and that a user does not need to have a location-specific workstation in order to be connected to the world through their computer. If the iPad can also be used as a stationary device, not just with a docking station for charging, why is it being marketed as such a revolutionary tool for the uber-mobile Apple consumer?

There were two concepts you mentioned that I did not quite understand, but nonetheless want to learn more about them! These two concepts are “peripheral display” and “glanceable information.”

I am very curious to know what the mystery key does! What tool does Apple have in store for us that we don’t already know, love, and depend upon?

28 02 2010
Emily Aitken

Thanks for your interest Janey. If you go to the Klein’s blog he describes them further. I want to know what the key does as well. Apparently it is on the top row of buttons for volume control, stop, play/pause, and those controls so maybe it has to do with music. Other’s thought that it was a video conferencing button, an unlock screen key or a personalized button- now wouldn’t that be awesome! I signed up for the “Notify Me” option because I am seriously considering asking for the iPad for graduation!

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